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Website translation

Your website is your business card

Your website is your calling card, your portfolio, your virtual portal: it’s how you announce yourself to the world. Your site is instrumental in determining the level of success your company achieves on the global market. In enabling you to bring your products and services to a wider audience and to tap into foreign markets, your website certainly has a profound effect on your bottom line. It's critical that the information contained within it is accessible then – whatever the location and language of your visitors.

Translating a website is a complex process that calls for experience in marketing and an understanding of the terminology used in the relevant industry: whether you are a pharmaceuticals manufacturer, a tour operator or a law firm, you’ll require your content to be handled in a unique way. It is also essential that all text is optimised for search engines to ensure your site reaches as many web users as possible. 

Over 50% of web users speak a native language other than English

This means there is a growing need for multilingual websites where the content is available in an array of different languages. At The Native Translator, we specialise in undertaking content translation projects for multilingual websites. Our team has translated thousands of websites and as such has a great deal of experience within this field.

We can also update your website content if desired. Please email us for a quote or to seek general advice.

As with documentation, translating the content of your website calls for a needs assessment, to assess whether partial or full content translation is necessary, whether graphics need to be translated and perhaps recreated in the target language and so forth. That way, you’re not paying for unnecessary services, and the content on your site can be seamlessly translated across all platforms.

Additional considerations regarding website translation include whether or not a site is ready to be internationalised (converted into other languages) and how content updates will be reflected in the translated versions (multilingual content management).

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