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Marketing and PR Translation

Have you ever considered how many customers you could gain if they could only understand your marketing message?

Thanks to global marketing and the internet, a global audience is able to view your company’s products and services. Utilising this potential allows you to tap into new markets and attract new customers, whatever your business. Once you have identified new markets to target, you will need to select a suitable marketing agency and PR company, accompanied by the best translation agency you can muster.

Translation for marketing purposes often requires more finesse than merely supplying a literal translation

Marketing messages need to synchronise with the wishes and aspirations of the target market; they are words with flavour, panache and double meanings. These ‘eye-catching’ messages can be highly culturally specific, full of metaphors and laced with puns and idiosyncrasies. Such wordplay requires the translator to understand not only the meaning of the words, but the intention of the message as well.

At The Native Translator, we promise to assign translators who possess the creative ability, flair and marketing experience to translate your project with 100% accuracy.

We translate:

  • Marketing and PR texts
  • Advertising media
  • Packaging and brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Websites and mobile apps
  • Web content

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