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Environmental policy

The Native Translator is responsible for the effects of its decisions and activities that impact our environment. The purpose of this policy is to describe and set out a fundamental and common approach within TNT regarding our environmental impact, including the handling of these issues within the company.
TNT’s environmental work shall contribute towards creating a sustainable society and help ensure long-term profitability and a strong brand. TNT is aware of the global environmental issues and the company’s opportunity to make an impact, both directly and indirectly. Based on the above, our business shall be characterised by the following fundamental principles:

  • runs operations taking into consideration opportunities and risks from an environmental perspective,
  • works closely with customers and other stakeholders on environmental issues,
  • clearly observes the applicable laws and regulations in all its activities and works towards a positive development in this area,
  • strives to reduce and prevent pollution in all its activities,
  • pursues internal environmental work resulting in continuous improvements,
  • fosters its employees’ commitment and awareness.

Opportunities and risks

Environmental aspects are always taken into account in our assessment of our business’s profitability and risks. This especially applies to all product development.

Collaboration with customers and stakeholders

By listening to our customers and other interested parties, TNT knows that these stakeholders possess a wealth of knowledge about their own business and its effect on the environment. Developments in the environmental area result from learning from each other and openly exchanging information on environmental issues, in which initiative and fresh ideas are encouraged. The company observes voluntary agreements, for example The Global Compact, the United Nations Environment Programme’s financial initiatives and the International Chamber of Commerce’s Business Charter for Sustainable Development. The company’s environmental work results in benefits to the customer and a stronger brand.

Preventing pollution

TNT strives to reduce pollution, both directly and indirectly.

Internal activities

Our clear and monitorable environmental goals ensure that our internal environmental work results in continuous improvements. We try to work only with electronic documents to minimise the needs for paper and wood-based materials.
Our translators and project managers work mainly from home to reduce the environmental impact of travelling and the need for large heated office space.

Environmental awareness

The company fosters its employees’ commitment and awareness. All employees realise the importance of environmental issues from both a profitability and social perspective. TNT’s environmental profile helps ensure the company is an attractive employer. A living environmental dialogue is a natural part of the day-to-day work and the environment is integrated into all skills development.

Compensation to the environment

The company compensates the environment by making contributions to MyClimate.

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