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Turkish legal translation

Over the years, The Native Translator has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of legal translation. Our dedicated legal translation team have handled projects spanning mergers and acquisitions, commercial property, criminal law, immigration and a wealth of other specialities. The legal profession is nothing if not diverse. While professionals who deal in company law are unlikely to dabble in property, and vice-versa, the reverse is true of us. We're expected to understand all aspects of the legal profession and all specialist fields. After all, if we're called upon to translate an immigration document into Turkish, it's essential that we understand the jargon and legalese in the source document. Even the slightest error can affect the meaning of a text; it is critical, therefore, that legal translations be word perfect.

Problems typically encountered in legal translation arise due to the specificity of legal language and because of differences in regional and national terminology. Translating a Turkish legal text into a foreign language calls for more than mere linguistic skills, that's for sure. For this reason, only professional translators who specialising in legal translation are assigned such documents. No individual can claim to be an expert in all aspects of Turkish and international law. Thankfully, we have a diverse team at our disposal. Upon commencing a Turkish legal translation project, our first task will be to identify the best team for the job. While all of our Turkish translators are educated to degree level or higher, their knowledge base naturally varies. If your documents pertain to company law, we'll endeavour to assign the job to a translator who's majored in that field. It makes our life simpler, and it makes your life simpler in that you can receive reassurance that your project is in safe hands.

The majority of legal documents, in particular contracts, are designed to establish fixed rights and obligations for individuals and organisations. It is therefore important that these documents are translated with 100% accuracy. While we take great pains to emphasise our knowledge of the subject matter we're handling, this expertise doesn't come at a premium. Despite our commitment to quality, we nevertheless strive to keep costs down. We work to your budget and your timeframe, often translating into multiple languages simultaneously.

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