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As far as Spanish medical translation is concerned, The Native Translator has the ear of the industry - and it also has its trust. Throughout the last decade, we’ve earned our stripes within the booming medical translation business, providing a broad range of services to clients in an array of pertinent fields. Anaesthesia, orthopaedics, medical instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine: no medical discipline has been untrammelled by our dedicated translation team.

Because all of our medical translators have earned a diploma of higher education - and a certificate underscoring their specialty in medical translation - we have a deep fund of specialist knowledge at our disposal. We don’t think of this as a bonus, though - it’s simply what’s needed to get the job done and satisfy the demands of our clients. The National Translator has worked hand in glove with major manufacturers of medical materials, as well as pharmaceutical companies, clinicians and researchers, all counting on us to provide comprehensive translations against the clock. And while we enjoy delivering for them, there is no such thing as a margin for error: total precision is the order of the day. In this pressure-cooker environment, a company with our experience trumps the work of a lone translator with a tenuous grasp of medical jargon. Because when it comes to medicine,  an inaccurate translation is simply not an option.

While our Spanish medical translations are very competitively priced, clients can rely on us to leave nothing to chance; if we’re remotely unsure of a word or term, we’ll clear our interpretation with you direct, ensuring a faithful and fluid rendering of the original text. Employing a team of accomplished linguists, we’ll assign a translator to a job based on his or her specialised knowledge in the required field; in the last ten years, many of our staff have built up quite the CV, working on projects for a host of medical applications. As a result, they are creative, competent and familiar with all manner of document types.

Because we run an international business - and because we like to speak the same language, so to speak - we compile specific glossaries for each organisation we work with. These are developed on the day of service, and are frequently updated from that point forward. While we do not maintain capacious offices, nevertheless we have a strong presence on every major continent. After all, our translators and project managers must be able to liaise with clients on their watch - not ours. In this way, we promise to provide a reliable service, 24/7.

Over the years we’ve striven to set ourselves apart from our competitors, looking at ways to help you manage your translation needs. In this vein, we utilise advanced TAO tools, as well as a bespoke system of translation management, to make managing your translations simpler and more cost-effective. So when you supply us with a document for translation, we’ll find a translator who not only fluently speaks the necessary languages, but who is au fait with the subject matter. Translating medical terminology is no stroll in the park, and so by following this rigorous process we assure 100% accuracy of text - not to mention a translation that hits your in-tray in a timely fashion.

At The Native Translator, our Spanish medical translators are some of the best in the world, and their experience of the industry is second-to-none. Because we work across a vast cross-section of commerce, we can provide linguists equipped with a deep understanding of your business. Swift translations, great communication and a happy client: it’s a simple template, but one that works for us - and you.

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