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Spanish healthcare translation

The Spanish language is a mainstay of The Native Translator. Due to its ubiquity, both in the business world and at native level, we employ an extensive network of Spanish translators. Within this, we have an experienced team dedicated to Spanish healthcare translation. We can translate all of your Spanish healthcare materials into over 100 languages whilst ensuring that every last word is rendered faithfully.

Healthcare translation requires that each member of our team maintains the highest standards and fully utilises their technical knowledge. It goes without saying that healthcare translation, more than any other sector, is heavily dependant on accuracy. Even a single phrase, translated inaccurately, could have serious consequences. That's why our Spanish healthcare translators aren't just fluent in their native language: they're also fluent in the jargon of the medical profession.

Our Spanish healthcare translation services include the following documents:

  • Observation notebooks
  • Clinical protocols
  • Clinical trials
  • Contracts
  • Training material and videos for the ARC
  • Data sheets
  • Files
  • Documentation of the recording of medications
  • Medication notices

Our Spanish healthcare translations may be competitively priced, but the quality does not diminish. We'll ensure that the documents we return to you read perfectly, from the first word to the last. Native Spanish speakers will have no way of knowing that the document was originally translated from English or some other language.

We understand that the healthcare industry covers diverse disciplines and often uses complex terminology. That's why only professional translators specialising in Spanish healthcare translation are assigned such documents.

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