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Korean pharmaceutical translation services

The Native Translator is your key to unlocking the Korean marketplace allowing your business to reach one of the world’s fastest growing economies. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to translate your documents from Korean to English or from English to Korean: we have the skills, knowledge and know-how for the job. With a decade of experience in the field, if you require Korean pharmaceutical translation services, the only place to come is The Native Translator.

Our Korean pharmaceutical translation is a quality service based upon speed, accuracy, efficiency and working in step with you. We boast over 6,000 experts in 100 languages covering 100 territories so there is almost no job we cannot do.

For our pharmaceutical translations we hire people with direct experience in a relevant field and demand they pass our stringent testing criteria. We believe that in a niche as sensitive as pharmacology a mere understanding and proficiency in the language alone can never be enough. To further our translation excellence we begin a translation glossary that is completely unique to you from the moment we take your job. This, in conjunction with our team of proofreaders, allows us to ensure consistency and excellence throughout the translation we provide.

A wide variety of manufacturers of pharmaceutical products already trust us to carry out translations of their software interfaces, product characteristics, instruction manuals and formation guides, patents, regulatory and legislative documents. For those returning customers we are also able to offer corporate agreements allowing us to become even more cost efficient.

If you need your pharmaceutical translation completed to a very strict deadline then please don’t panic. We are experts at getting translations completed on time and under budget. On large jobs we even assemble translation teams who work under the guidance of a project manager who is ultimately answerable to you.

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