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Korean patent translation

If you require a Korean patent translation, consider your search over. The Native Translator provides first class translations in over 100 languages, providing accredited and certified translations. We’re translation specialists, with over 6,000 experts in 100 languages in 100 countries. We always ensure our translations read as beautifully in the text they are rendered as in the original.

What sets The Native Translator apart from its competitors?

All of our patent translation is handled by the experts in our legal translation team. When you use The Native Translator you don’t simply get a word for word substitution. You receive a transliteration from a certified legal translation expert. Simply inform us in which country the text must be certified as standards vary from nation to nation.

We provide a service that we believe is unparalleled amongst our competitors, as we understand the importance of getting it right every time. Even when working to tough deadlines The Native Translator makes no compromise on giving the very best service. For larger projects we can even create translation teams to ensure we have the work completed when you need it most.

For regular or repeat customers we also offer a corporate agreement that makes our service even more cost effective. What’s more, it couldn’t be simpler to use. As a corporate client you can upload all your files for translation to our bespoke translation management system. From there each document will be carefully translated before being returned through the same system. This guarantees excellent security for you as no e-mails are required. Should you require any extra assistance simply call upon your designated Project Manager to answer any of your questions.

Whether you’re a large multinational company, an SME or an individual, we believe we can create the perfect Korean patent translation service you require.

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