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Korean online technical translation services

How much more profitable could your business be if it unlocked the burgeoning Korean market? At The Native Translator we provide Korean online technical translation services that will furnish you with the key. We assist businesses from around the globe to reach more of their potential customers. It doesn’t matter whether you contact us as part of a multinational, an SME or as a private individual, we strive for the same excellent quality of service delivery. For ten years we have specialised in this unique and challenging sector, gaining experience that we believe is second to none.

We ensure the excellence of our work primarily through the translators themselves. Our people are not only native level speakers in the Korean language, but have direct expert knowledge in their technical discipline too. This gives them an unparalleled command of the writing conventions and relevant terminology they use. It is familiar to them both from their academic qualifications and career history. 

We supply our clients with Korean online technical translation services in the fields of: Aerospace, Machinery, Electronics, Process technology, Telecommunications, Office equipment, Medical equipment, Laboratory instruments, Power tools, Automation and more.

When you chose to work with The Native Translator we begin by creating a glossary of terms and translations that apply specifically to you and your project. This provides a clear framework for the work and ensures consistency throughout. A worthwhile technical translation is about more than simply the grammar and punctuation, but indeed about getting the terminology accurate in the destination tongue. Once transcribed we complete a final proof the translation to ensure its propriety.

Ours is a fast, efficient and reliable service which comes competitively priced too. By working online we are able to keep many of our overheads down and pass those savings on to you. Over time we build a picture of you and your business through our glossaries and ‘translation memories’ allowing us to become ever more time and cost effective.

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