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Korean marketing translation

When considering a Korean marketing translation you need to use a company who can go beyond the simple substitution of words or phrases. You need a translation service that can understand the subtlety of your intentions and bring them to life in another tongue. You need a translator who can convey the impact of your marketing strategy and give it form. You need The Native Translator.

Is your current marketing strategy truly global? The problem with most translation services is that they simply convert your marketing from one language to another, losing many of the cultural touchstones and idioms that make your marketing language so rich and compelling. This simplistic approach to translation often results in cultural misunderstandings, unintentional humour and worst of all, lost revenue. The Native Translator’s team of creative experts don’t merely convert your texts from one language to another; we mould them into compelling copy that conveys the sparkle and zest of the original.

That’s because we understand global marketing. In our field we have to, after all, it’s a huge part of what we do. With over 6,000 translators working across over 100 languages you can make our hard fought knowledge work for you.  Whether working on a product brochure, a point of sale display or an e-book, we'll compose an accurate rendering with beautiful prose from the first time of asking. Puns and humorous turns of phrase won’t flummox us either, simply supply us the source documents and we’ll take it from there, dutifully retaining the tone and feel of the original to ensure it becomes whatever they call a ‘fait accompli’ in Korea.

Whatever the demands of your marketing project we’re more than ready to discuss what we can offer you. We regularly help businesses promote, sell and distribute their products globally across a wide variety of sectors throughout Korea. There’s no better time to tap into one of the world’s fastest growing marketplaces.

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