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Italian healthcare translation

Our Italian healthcare translation service is something The Native Translator is proud of. In this highly sensitive and particular niche, we believe there can be no compromise on quality, so we employ only the very best translators. It’s not their expertise in the Italian language that sets them apart however; it is their direct experience working in the healthcare profession.

We use doctors and scientists for our Italian healthcare translations, transcribing documents such as patents, clinical protocols, pharmacy packaging labelling, patient information, insurance claims, medical records and more. Their involvement in the sector allows them to construct a complete rendition of the text which is completely faithful to the original.

We are therefore able to provide certified translations, including sworn statements to testify they are fully accurate renderings of the original text. When we work on any healthcare translation we can provide these sworn statements as scans by e-mail, or dispatch them by post, ensuring you have the physical copy to hand.

We aim to provide a service which is fast, efficient and cost effective, without ever sacrificing on quality. Perhaps that’s why so many of our clients return to us time and again. We’re fast because we understand that time is money. With 6,000 translators working in over 100 languages we can even convert your documents into multiple languages even when working to tough deadlines.

Our efficient online business model allows us to keep overheads to minimum as well. The result? Quick turnarounds at competitive prices.

We also create a glossary of translation terms for every job. As we build our relationship with you and our understanding of your requirements grows, so we are able to further improve upon our assistance. For smaller projects this glossary is utilised at the proofing stage to guarantee accuracy, while on larger projects we use the glossary to coordinate work and to ensure consistency throughout.

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