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German patent translation

Our commitment to quality at The Native Translator is one that simply can’t be beaten. We ensure your intellectual property is as clearly defined in its destination tongue as in the original. For our Italian patent translation we employ the very best legal translators experienced in patent law. We call it ‘The Native Translator difference’.

Patent translation is a challenging discipline but one that must be precisely executed. As an accredited translation company, we can offer translations that are sworn to be faithful to the original text. Some jurisdictions may require a scanned copy of this sworn translation which we can provide electronically, but in situations where the original is needed this can be sent by post. Either way, our unwavering commitment to quality ensures our clients return to us time and again.

Our customer base includes multinational companies, SMEs and private individuals. All enjoy our accuracy, our dependability, time management and competitive pricing. We ensure our people are of the very highest standard by testing their knowledge on patent law, contracts and legal documentation.

As part of the translation process we create a translation glossary which we utilise at the proofreading stage to ensure the fidelity of the final product. We check, re-check and check everything once more to make certain that every I is dotted, and every T crossed.

When you need a complex translation of many patents translated in a hurry we can help here too. For these more substantial projects we gather together a team of translators coordinated by one of our expert Project Managers. These Project Managers are expert linguists and experienced in managing even the largest and most challenging of projects.

We believe in leaving nothing to chance at The Native Translator so for more detailed information about the particulars of our German patent translation simply click on the Get a Quote button on the right hand side or drop us an email.

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