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English to French translation services

English to French translations are a speciality of The Native Translator. Due to the languages' popularity, both in the business world and at native level, we employ a significant number of English to French translators.

Often, there can be substantive differences in English and French terminology between certain industries. To ensure that the language we use is correct, we create translated glossaries containing terms specifically bound to our clients' business or industry. Many of our translators have direct experience in the fields of medicine which corresponds to the subject they are translating. This is just one of the ways in which we ensure that we can match the best translation team to the job in question.

The Native Translator works closely with its clients to ensure that all translations are 100% precise. We offer a full suite of online language solutions including translation and localisation in over 100 languages and dialects. In all, we work with more than 5,000 translators across the globe. This grants us access to a wealth of knowledge specific to all industries. All of our translators are extensively tested and their qualifications checked before their technical expertise is verified.

With The Native Translator onboard, your business can ensure that products reach their target regions as quickly as possible. Whether you're looking to expand into France or to bring your products and services to French-speaking African nations, we can help. For each project, we'll choose the best team for the job: the best-qualified translators with extensive experience of your industry.

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