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The Native Translator specialises in supplying high quality certified translations. For each project, we will assign the best team for the job: the best-qualified translators with direct experience of the industry in question. To succeed in this industry, it is essential to offer competitive rates. For this reason, we supply flexible solutions which guarantee the quality of the final product while working within your timeframe and budget.

The Native Translator is a certified translation agency with the ability to translate between 25 primary business languages. Aided by our sister company, The Business Translator, we can work with 140 languages in total. We're proud to be one of the web's leading online certified translators. Certified translation requires that each member of the team maintains the highest standards and utilises their technical knowledge to their utmost ability. We begin each project with the creation of a translation memory unique to the client to ensure that the correct terminology is utilised throughout. 

Certified translations between 25 languages

We can supply certified translations of court documents, diplomas, sworn statements, school reports and immigration documents among others. Our certified translators have the accreditation and practical knowledge that the role demands. We select our translators with great care according to their native language, and expect them to pass regular proficiency tests.

As a high quality online translator, we pride ourselves on taking great care to translate documents accurately and at the first time of asking. If for any reason you are not completely happy with a translation we have supplied, let us know and we'll go over it again free of charge. Our multilingual software translation service allows you to increase your profits: leave it to us to take care of the translation process from start to finish, while you focus on your core operations.

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