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Certified translation services

The Native Translator offers certified translations that are accredited for use within a vast number of countries and territories. You may be applying for university abroad and require certified translation of high school diplomas or college qualifications. Alternatively, you may need certified translation of legal documents to complete an overseas property purchase. Whether for personal or business reasons, certified translation is a request we regularly field.

With each project we handle, be it for certified or non-certified translation, we strive to get the job done quickly and to the highest possible standards. Our affordable, highly accurate certified translations will enable you to reach new markets as you expand into new territories.

In all, The Native Translator provides online translation into around 140 languages. We translate between 25 of the most common ones, with our sister company The Business Translator taking care of the rest. Because certified translation demands precision, we use only the best translators from around the world, with their native language the target language for the project. Coupled with a rigorous proofreading process, this is the best way to eliminate errors.

Our international clients are aided by bespoke glossaries that are specific for each organisation. Created on the day of service, these are regularly updated with each additional project we take on. When it comes to obtaining certified translation, you're not limited to single language requests either, it should be noted: our multilingual software translation service allows you to obtain certified translations in multiple languages simultaneously.

If you're in the market for certified translation, you can have the utmost confidence in The Native Translator's abilities. Whether you you work in marketing, insurance, tourism or any other sector, our certified translations are just the ticket.

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