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Translation agencies in the UK

At The Native Translator, we employ specialist teams who work exclusively within the UK translation sector. Our 24-hour online translation service extends to national and international businesses, legal professionals and governmental organisations. The Native Translator is one of the largest translation agencies in the UK. We work with major global institutions, with a swift turnaround and high quality of documents guaranteed.

We may not maintain huge offices, but nevertheless have a presence on every major continent. Our translators and project managers are located around the world so that we can offer a genuine 24/7 translation service. We can translate all of your business materials into over 100 languages whilst maintaining their fidelity, whatever the destination language. The Native Translator works in close collaboration with its UK and global clients to ensure that all translations are precise, right down to the last word.

Translation with a quality guarantee

Today more than ever, manufacturers are expected to be actively involved in every major global territory. As a quality UK online translation agency, we pride ourselves on taking great care to render documents accurately and at the first time of asking. If for any reason you are not completely happy with a translation we have supplied, let us know and we'll go over it again free of charge.

We rely on a network of specialised translators who work to strict confidentiality agreements. These translators have accrued a wealth of professional experience working with international organisations. What's more, they possess a detailed knowledge of the needs and working methodologies of their regular clients

To aid our international clients, we create specific glossaries for each company. Compiled on the day of service, they are regularly updated as and when required. Whether you are writing about aerospace, construction, tourism or any other specialised industry, the technical terms in your translation must be perfect.

Throughout the project, we will analyse its progress whilst striving to identify areas where you can save money. With The Native Translator onboard, your business can ensure that products reach their target regions as quickly as possible, with complete accuracy throughout all documents.

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The Native Translator is a professional, global translation agency and part of the Swiss-based The Translator Group, we are certified in accordance with both the EN-15038 and the North American CAN/CGSB 131.10 standards.

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