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Medical specialist translation

At The Native Translator, we employ specialist teams who work exclusively within the medical sector. We choose each of our linguists based on their experience within this burgeoning industry. Technical translations into foreign languages in the medical industry must be highly precise and devoid of all ambiguity. We can translate all of your medical materials into 140 languages with unerring accuracy.

The medical translators we utilise are equipped with the training, linguistic skills and experience required to deliver precise translations. In addition, we maintain rigorous systems of quality control. This includes a verification system that runs throughout the process, from the selection of translators to a final assessment of the translated document.

Our specialised medical translators work under strict confidentiality agreements to ensure that patient data is secured at all times. These translators have acquired extensive professional experience from working with international medical organisations. This enables them to develop a detailed knowledge of their needs and working methodologies.

Medical translation demands that each member of the team maintain the highest standards and use their technical knowledge to the fullest capacity. Our translation services for the medical profession adhere to the following process:

  • Understanding the type and format of the medical files to be translated
  • Working with your choice of style and terminology
  • Working with translators who are native speakers of the target language and specialists in the industry
  • Seamlessly integrating your custom-crafted style guides and checklists
  • Utilising your existing translation memory and updating it daily or creating new versions
  • Making independent corrections by internal translators

The Native Translator provides a truly digital service: documents are delivered by email, with three A4 pages typically available within 24 hours. Should you require a hard copy, we can also post original documents by regular mail. In most instances, our clients find our online service to be the most convenient means of obtaining a medical translation. To find out more, just click on the Get a Quote button on the right hand side or drop us an e-mail.

The Native Translator is a professional global medical translation agency and part of the Swiss-based The Translator Group, we are certified in accordance with both the EN-15038 and the North American CAN/CGSB 131.10 standards.

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