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Document translation

We are a translation agency specialised in providing certified translations of documents such as school reports, certificates, diplomas, certificates of employment, birth certificates, adoption documentation, etc.

How quickly can I get a quote?

You will get a quote in less than 1 minute, Upload your document(s) to our portal and will receive a quote and expected delivery time within one minute.

How quickly can I get my translation?

We can often deliver within 24 hours. You will get a copy in PDF format together with your certified translation sent by e-mail, and if you need a hard copy you will get this by regular mail within 2-5 days.

What is a certified translation?

The correctness of a translation can be confirmed in law by a certified translator, i.e. a translator who has been approved by The Institute of Translation and Interpreting ITI. Such a translation is stamped with a special stamp of certification issued by The Institute of Translation and Interpreting ITI.

What is an authorised translator?

The actual title of a translator who is certified in accordance with UK law to confirm the correctness of a translation is an authorised translator, but commonly called a certified translator.

What is a certified translator?

Translators abroad who have a licence equivalent to a UK authorised translator are commonly called certified translators.

Will the translation provided by The Native Translator also be accepted abroad?

We always use translators who are certified (authorised) in the country in which the translation is to be used, so there are never any problems with acceptance. Some universities and authorities may have their own specific requirements regarding the wording of the confirmation or that the translation must be mailed by the translation agency directly to them in a sealed envelope, and we do this without charge.

Can you translate my school reports and certificates to conform with the British or American system?

No, we cannot "convert" a [country/nationality] grading scale to a [country/nationality] grading scale, but will translate using the terminology determined by the respective department of education.

What will the translation look like?

Our translations are professionally completed with the same layout and form as the source text with a certification on each translated page or an accompanying letter confirming the correctness of the translation.

Can I get my translation delivered by e-mail?

Of course, we always deliver your translation in PDF format initially, and then as a hard copy by regular mail.

Can you guarantee confidentiality?

We guarantee your confidentiality; all translators working for The Translator Group of which The Native Translator is a part are bound by confidentiality agreements as are all our project managers and administration staff.

How do I pay?

You pay by credit card when ordering.

The Native Translator is a professional, global translation agency and part of the Swiss-based The Translator Group, we are certified in accordance with both the EN-15038 and the North American CAN/CGSB 131.10 standards.

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