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What does your website say about the services you offer?

For a number of medical tourists, the website of a hospital or of a clinic often constitutes their first point of contact with these facilities. And since the greater part of these are in search of recipients for their medical care, communication in English is important, and websites are a determining factor for patients. A website written in poor English can have harmful consequences for your image and the services which you offer, and this could discourage potential patients.So…is the English or Arabic, maybe the Russian version of your website adapted for medical tourists? Might it have need of a review by a native English speaker or 

The Native Translator offers service at a low cost for providers of medical care that want to improve their websites designed for medical tourists in the United States and in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or in other English-speaking countries. Our team of native translators offers to look over the English version of your website and to provide you with a corrected version in perfect English.

The team possesses vast experience in translating cosmetic surgery or medical websites. We also offer the translation of medical websites into other languages such as Arabic or Russian. Contact us for specific references via Opens window for sending emailemail.