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Translation and localisation for the software industry

Translation Services for the Software Industry

In the fast-paced world of software development, precise and culturally attuned translations are paramount. At The Native Translator, we are your trusted partner for professional translation services tailored to the software industry. Our team of expert linguists and tech-savvy professionals ensures that your software, documentation, and user interfaces resonate seamlessly with global audiences.

Our multilingual software translation service allows you to increase your profits and focus on your core operations. Our specialist translators have extensive experience of working within the rapidly evolving software sector. With The Native Translator onboard, your business can ensure that products reach their target regions as quickly as possible. Our competitive pricing and flexible solutions will help you maximise your market share and target new audiences. The software translators we hire are rigorously selected to ensure that your project is translated with precision and at an elevated technical level that utilises the correct industry terminology

Professional localisation of software

Our software solutions are shaped around what's best for you. We translate websites, usage manuals, installation guides, marketing support, technical documentation and data files. The localisation of software, to adapt it to suit whatever interface the user desires, calls for accurate translation. This improves the precision and the reengineering of the files as well as technical documentation and testing.

We utilise advanced TAO tools and a bespoke system of translation management to help you manage your translations and reduce expenditure. Our highly secure application allows you to send and receive content, to easily follow the progress of the project and to control the expenses associated with each stage of it. It form a key resource that underpins your translation memory and associated terminology, allowing you to save time, reduce costs and to optimise the message being conveyed by your products and services – whatever the language.

Why Choose The Native Translator for software translation?

1. Technical expertise: Our translators are not just language specialists; they're tech enthusiasts too. They understand the intricacies of software jargon and can translate it accurately while preserving context and functionality.

2. Localisation mastery: Software isn't just about language; it's about culture too. We excel in localisation, adapting your software for specific markets to ensure it feels native to users worldwide.

3. Data security: We take data privacy seriously. Our robust security protocols and confidentiality measures guarantee that your proprietary software information remains safe and secure.

4. Rapid turnaround: In the software industry, time is often of the essence. We offer swift turnaround times without compromising quality, ensuring your projects stay on schedule.

5. Comprehensive solutions: Whether it's software interfaces, user manuals, help documentation, or marketing materials, we've got you covered. Our services encompass a wide range of software-related content.

Our software translation services include:

  • Software localization: Tailoring your software for specific markets, including language, currency, and cultural nuances.

  • User interface translation: Ensuring your software's interface is user-friendly and intuitive for global users.

  • Technical documentation: Accurate translation of technical manuals, guides, and documentation for your software products.

  • Marketing materials: Crafting compelling marketing content that resonates with diverse audiences.

  • Quality assurance: Rigorous quality checks to maintain the integrity and functionality of your software post-translation.

Translations with a quality guarantee ISO 17100

The Native Translator was one of the first global translation agencies that was certified. We completed the certification process already in 2011, and we have been certified according to the then brand new ISO 17100 since 2015, which is a quality certification specific to translation agencies. With our quality certification comes a promise to you as a customer that we guarantee the quality of the translations which we deliver, and should something go wrong, we will rectify it immediately.

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The Native Translator is an ISO 17100 certified online translation agency specialised in providing qualified quality-assured translations directly through the internet.

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