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The interpretation of legalese is highly dependant on the country in question, making legal translation one of the most complex domains to master. It binds the creativity associated with literary translation to the terminological precision of technical translation. The principal problems encountered with legal translation arise because of the specificity of legal language, of the differences recorded from one system to another, and because of the regional character of legal terminology.

The work of translating a legal text into a foreign language is thus strewn with obstacles. This is why only professional translators specialising in legal translation are capable of translating legal and research documents. The greater part of legal writing, and in particular contracts, aims to clearly establish the rights and obligations of specified persons. It is therefore indispensable that one can produce a precise translation that unambiguously outlines these rights and obligations. 

Legal translation can concern: patents, certificates of accuracy, declarations of witness, depositions, deeds, testaments, statutes, litigation documents, immigration documents and documents of conviction. Engaging a translator who is not specialised in legal translation presents the risk of errors, which could have serious consequences.

The Native Translator is a Swiss online legal Opens internal link in current windowlegal Translation Agency part of the The Translator Group, certified according to European norm EN 15038 as well as the North American CAN/CGSB 131.10. We are equally specialised in Opens internal link in current windowlegal translation and financial translation. Largest provider of online certified translation globally.