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Professional French Translation a service from The Native Translator

The Native Translator is a professional French translation company that serves organizations from different specialty areas, including law, finance, technology, and business. We are the Online Translation Service provided by the certified Swiss The Translator Group a Global Translation Company with offices both in Europe, USA and Asia.

Our native French translators possess the training, linguistic skills, and experience necessary to provide our clients with accurate translations. A team of proofreaders reviews every translation we produce, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We also offer a number of other services, such as specialty translations, certified / notarized translations, and graphic design / desktop publishing services for more information see our contact page

The French translators we use are all experts in a specific specialty area, such as law, finance, business, engineering, advertising, and others. Should your project require a translator with extensive knowledge of a specialty area, we are able to assign your translation to one of our highly skilled translators with the requisite experience and expertise. We are committed to your success, and will select the translator that will best suit your project to complete your translation.

Many of our clients are concerned about the security of the information contained in the documents they want to translate. At The Native Translator, we have comprehensive security and privacy policies in place to protect any sensitive information we handle. All our staff, translators as well as project management are bound by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

We provide:

  • French Legal Translation; Contracts, agreements, certificates, wills and trusts, documents of partnership, and a wide variety of other legal documents. Our translators in this area have legal experience and extensive qualifications within the legal area.
  • French Financial Translation; Invoices, accounting records, financial reports, purchase orders, financial agreements, and a number of other documents that fall under this heading. Our financial experts guarantee that your translated financial documents will be free of costly errors.
  • French Business Translation; Business reports, profit projections, professional articles, board meeting minutes, intra-office communications, electronic documents, project proposals, etc. Our business translators have years of experience in various business areas, as well as the communications skills to effectively render your business translations.
  • French Technical Translation; Manuals, software, instruction books etc. Our technical translators are well versed in a variety of technical fields, and can effectively translate complex technical terminology without compromising its meaning.
  • French Advertising Translation; Posters, printed ads, press releases, promotional materials, web sites and a variety of other advertising documents. Our advertising specialists bring a deeper cultural understanding to their translations, ensuring that your products will thrive in new markets around the world.