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Welcome to the native translator!

As an ISO17100 certified translation agency, we guarantee high quality translations with a fast turnaround. We'll translate documents on any subject in over 100 languages and deliver them to you online.

We can achieve all this thanks to our global team of 5,000 professional translators. They know your industry, they speak your business language and most importantly they're fluent in the destination language you require. That allows us to deliver flawless translations quickly with the aid of our highly qualified native speakers.

A quick, cheap and professional translation service – quality translations delivered anywhere, anytime.

Our mission:

We strive to offer professional translations quicker, easier and cheaper than any other provider. Our translation team will deliver perfect online translations for you in the language of your choice. In addition, we're the quickest translation agency in the world, with our express service supplying an accurate translation of your text within a matter of hours. Every document that you receive from us will have been carefully and professional translated by one of our experts. We can handle accredited translations online and send them to you by e-mail, complete with all necessary documentation. It’s simple and stress-free, the way translation should be.

Our network:

Should you require a sworn translation on behalf of a large corporation or public organisation, please visit our corporate website The Business Translator which enjoys access to our network of over 5,000 global translators. Our translators don't just speak their native language fluently – they are true masters of it, capable of grasping the finest nuances down to colloquial language as required. When it comes to translating complex documents, be it technical manuals, court documents or medical case notes, we speak the language of your customers and understand the industry specific jargon.

Our fees:

As a leading translation agency, we work with only the best professionals. They write extensively in their native language every day and have a perfect grasp of modern forms of expression and the latest business language. A standard page of A4 usually costs from €45 to translate, with no hidden charges.

If you need a sworn translation, expert translation or have any other translation needs, we have the solution – even if it involves one of the more ‘exotic’ languages. The Native Translator is a global leader when it comes to supplying professional translations – quickly, efficiently and for a fair price. Get your documents translated online with the quality assurance that comes from working with a genuinely global translation agency.


Björn Hallberg - CEO The Translator Group

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