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Norwegian specialist technical translations

Our Norwegian technical translations are done by experienced Norwegian specialist translators with the target language as their mother tongue.

Translation of Norwegian technical texts spans a wide range of fields, all with their own specialist terms. We ensure the high quality of your specialist technical translations by selecting our translators. The translators continuously develop their terminology, specific industry expressions and linguistic competency - this ensures the high quality of your technical texts.

As a technical translation agency, we translate all types of texts, such as dissertations, manuals, patents, data/IT, product brochures, software, energy, environment, websites and applications.

Norwegian specialist translations directly online

The Native Translator, an online translation agency, is open around the clock, 24/7. As an ISO17100 certified technical translation agency online, we specialise in providing fast, high-quality technical translations, including in Norwegian. The Native Translator can, thanks to our translators being located around the world, help you as a client with your translation right when the need arises. For very large projects, we recommend you contact our corporate service The Business Translator.

Confidential handling is, obviously, a given

We are used to handling very sensitive information and are always careful to maintain strict confidentiality. Always treating our clients' information securely and confidentially is self-evident for us. If you as a client so requires, we'll be happy to sign an NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement for projects that so require.

Quality in all stages

Selecting the right technical translation agency is, of course, crucial for achieving a good result. Our Norwegian specialist translators hold a university qualification in translation and have extensive experience in technical translations. They work in accordance with the "Good translator practice" issued by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. We believe there is a huge difference between being certified and following a standard. Our entire organisation is certified under ISO17100, the new standard for translation agencies, with Austrian Standards as the certifying authority.

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The Native Translator is an ISO17100 certified translation agency specialising in the translation of, among others, Norwegian technical texts and documents, directly online.