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Korean specialist technical translations

Our Korean technical translations are done by experienced Korean specialist translators online 24/7.

Technical translation is a changing specialist field, where the linguistic development must keep pace with the technical. As a translation agency for technical texts, we manage translations of manifold character. This includes everything from dissertations, manuals, patents, specifications, software, energy, environment, websites and applications.

High-quality technical specialist translations to and from Korean directly online.

Technology is an amazingly broad field with many varying industries and where progress of development takes place incredibly fast. We ensure the high quality of your specialist technical translations by selecting our translators. Technical translators have to continuously develop their terminology, specific industry expressions and linguistic competency to ensure the high quality of your Korean technical texts.

As an online translation agency we, The Native Translator, specialises in providing fast, high-quality technical translations, including in Korean. As our translators can be found all around the world, we can help you with your translation right when the need arises. For very large projects, we recommend you contact our corporate service The Business Translator.

Strict confidentiality as a matter of course

An important part of our work process as a technical translation agency is to carefully handle highly sensitive information and making sure to maintain strict confidentiality. Translators as well as project managers are bound by non-disclosure agreements, even if you as a client did not request this when placing your order.

ISO17100 certified online-agency

Selecting the right technical translation agency is crucial for achieving a good result. We believe there is a difference between saying you follow a certain standard and, like The Native Translator, being certified under ISO17100, the new standard developed in 2015 for translation agencies. Certification indicates that we as a translation agency maintain quality in every stage, from project managers to translators and in all processes related to our clients' projects.

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The Native Translator is an ISO17100 certified translation agency specialising in the Korean translation of, among others, technical texts and documents, directly online.