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Specialist technical translations to and from Russian

ISO17100 certified translation agency online, provides you with technical translations to and from Russian, done by experienced specialist translators 24/7.

The Native Translator manages, as a technical translation agency, a number of different subject fields. The range of our technical translations to and from Russian may include everything from essays, manuals, patents, data/IT, technical specifications, software, energy, environment, websites and applications.

The Native Translator is a certified technical translation agency, which provides high-quality technical translations to a wide range of clients, from major multinational companies to small family-run businesses. Experienced technical translators with specialist competency in a number of different industries deliver correct Russian technical translations to you as a client.

Quality guarantee in all stages

A well-made translation with the quality of your technical translations in focus relies on a combination of several factors: the right translator for the language combination to from Russian, extensive experience, knowledge of industry-specific specialist terms and high linguistic ability. This combination provides you with good quality of your Russian technical texts, and that's what we work for.

The entire organisation within The Native Translator is certified under ISO17100, the new standard for translation agencies as of 2015. Our work is regularly verified by the Austrian Standards, which is the certifying. This gives you quality in all our processes.

Handling of your confidential information

Translators as well as project managers are bound by non-disclosure agreements, even if you as a client did not request this when placing your order. We are used to maintaining very strict confidentiality. Always treating our clients' information securely and confidentially is self-evident for us.

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The Native Translator is an ISO17100 certified translation agency specialising in the Russian translation of, among others, technical texts and documents.