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Website localisation and website translation to 25 languages

Website Localisation and Website Translation 

Website localisation or website translation is the process of modifying an existing website in order to allow access to it and its use and adapt it to the cultural circumstances of a target audience. More than one third of all Internet users do not have English as their mother tongue and – according to the results of Forrester Research – visitors stay twice as long on a website (stickiness) if it is drawn up in their own language. As companies attempt to expand into new markets, reach a global audience and increase international turnover, the benefits of website localisation are obvious. 

The Native Translator deals with the website translation and takes the hassle and effort off your hands. We take over when your developers and marketing experts have finished their work. We can work together with you - regardless of whether you have a content management system or not. Simply provide us with the source files and we will return the translated files ready for upload. 

The Native Translator's long-proven localisation process, including quality control, comprises the following offers: 

Website localisation analysis

With the help of the requirements profile, project development analysis, customer-specific process definition and scheduling, you are provided with the exact costs and schedules for the completion of the scope of work. 

Translation of website content 

This ensures that the website is translated in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner. The vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, style and language level ensure that the language used reflects the culture and society of the target group. 

Layout localisation and page navigation

The translation often has an influence on the layout and can mean that - depending on the target country - more or less space is required. From right to left, top to bottom and the question of which pages should be available are important considerations when localising websites.

Adapting images to the target group 

Images can contain both subtle and less subtle messages. Your company or product may unknowingly represent negative connotations, confuse or even offend viewers. Images must be carefully reviewed and possibly adjusted in order to make your company and its message positive. 

Localisation of symbols

Just like images, symbols can also cause problems during localisation. Western symbols can have a completely different meaning for an international target group. Fingers, houses and animals often have to be modified when marketing is carried out abroad. Obvious items such as the time and date display, units of measurement, currency, the number system and fonts are identified and correctly formatted as part of the localisation process.

Adapting colours to cultures

Even if they are not of such great importance, colours can also have cultural meanings that need to be analysed in the website localisation process. Correct colour selections can improve user acceptance and prevent hidden meanings. For example, the color 'pink' represents 'trust' in Korea, 'yellow' means ‘rich in content' in China and red represents 'purity' in India. The choice of colour need not always have negative consequences, but it is always advisable to avoid subtle unwanted meanings.

Localisation check and quality assurance

The Native Translator offers two types of testing services. The functional test carried out by our engineers ensures that the localised website functions just like the original version and that the links work properly. The language check reviews the translation in context and verifies that consistency is guaranteed on all of the web pages.

Localisation Technology

The Native Translator uses the latest technology to provide technical localisation solutions. We have the skills to work internally with more or less any technology that is used on the Internet. Our team of localisation engineers has experience of a large number of web-based applications and formats (including .asp, .html, .dhtm, .php). All file types are carefully analysed, prepared for translation and technically prepared with the best possible consideration of time and quality.

We can advise you on best practices and the advantages of the technologies to streamline the localisation process, achieve consistent results and reduce costs with the aim of acquiring a position in the global market.

If you need an experienced company for website localisation that works with both large and small international companies, The Native Translator is the clear choice. 

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