The Native Translator Ihr Übersetzungsbüro

Translation agency certified under EN 15038

At The Native Translator, we're known for our high quality translations and excellent project management.

After determining your needs, our project managers will assign the best team for the job and will keep you informed of progress each step of the way. The Native Translator is one of the few translation agencies with a double quality certification: we are certified according to European regulation EN 15038 and the North American regulation CAN/CGSB 131.10.

The translation process works as follows:

1. Understanding your project

We analyse your files thoroughly, taking into account the linguistic difficulty, the target audience, any incorporated graphics, the encoding and the structure of the files. This allows us to create a quote for each element and to establish the planning of the process.

2. Management of the project

We will assign you a project manager who will work with you to develop and to manage the process. Your project manager will choose the most suitable team of linguists, who possess specific knowledge and experience relevant to your industry.


Your project manager will select certified translators whose native language is the target language, and will ensure that your glossaries and terminology are used as references. This ensures precision, coherence and helps save time while reducing costs.

4. Revision

Your project manager will also call upon other linguists, specialised in your industry, to carefully look over your translations. They will verify the coherence, style and pertinence of the translation in comparison to the cultures of the countries and regions for which it is intended.

5. Formatting

Your files may need to be restructured or you may require a page layout for your website. Our in-house teams, which are specialised in desktop publishing, ensure the highest quality of results whatever the file or format.

6. Proofreading

Working closely with your team of specialised linguists, the project manager will ensure that your files and documents are complete, visually correct and coherent. They will also organise meetings before the project begins and will regularly compose progress reports if revisions are necessary. Our project managers are always on hand to provide you with professional recommendations regarding technical or linguistic matters. 

The Native Translator is a Swiss online Translation Agency part of the The Translator Group, certified according to European norm EN 15038 as well as the North American CAN/CGSB 131.10. We are equally specialised in legal translation, medical translation, financial translation, technical translation, and marketing translation.