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Technical translation service

When translating technical documents, it is essential that terminology is correctly interpreted right down to the last detail. If anything were to get lost in translation, the consequences in some cases could be serious. For this reason, it is essential for the translators working on your document to have recognised expertise within your field.

Utilisation of correct language and terms

Finding the technical name for an automobile part can be an intimidating task, even for a translator who has training as an engineer. A translator may have competence in language and engineering, but they will nevertheless struggle without being familiarised with the technical jargon in the two languages.

Glossaries and technical translation memories

Often, there can be significant differences in English terminology between apparently similar industries. To ensure that our language is correct, we work with you to agree on translated glossaries containing terms specifically bound to your business or industry. We also use translation memory so that paragraphs and sections of text that are repeated throughout your documents are reutilised by our translators. Translation memory allows us to improve the quality and rapidity of your translation. In turn, this allows us to reduce the costs, knowing that the prior translated sections have already been approved.

Translators specialising in quality control

Whether you are writing about aerospace, construction, agriculture or any other specialised industry, technical translation must be perfect. This is why, when it comes to working on technical documents, we use translators with proven experience who have a solid comprehension of technical subjects. We work with more than 5,000 translators around the world, granting us access to all types of knowledge specific to all industries. All of our translators are extensively tested before their technical expertise is verified.

We work closely with you – and your foreign representatives where applicable – to ensure that the style and knowledge of our translators is perfectly suited to your projects. In every stage of the translation process, quality controls are used to prevent the introduction of errors, no matter how small.

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