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Are you looking for a certified translator into Bulgarian, ISO 17100

Do you quickly need a certified translation into Bulgarian?

Then you have come to the right place. We are specialised in certified translation, and since 2005 we have worked with certified translation into Bulgarian and other languages. Documents that typically need to be translated by a certified translator are financial documents such as bank statements, quarterly reports and stock exchange announcements, legal documents such as contracts and covenants, court rulings, records, ratings and certificates of various kinds.

Our translators are certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bulgaria. We strive to use translators who are certified in the country in which the translation is to be used insofar as possible, i.e. if you order a certified translation into Bulgarian, it will be done by a translator who is certified in Bulgaria if possible. The translations that we carry out are accepted by the authorities in Bulgaria.

Certified translation a guarantee of quality

The Native Translator was one of the first global translation agencies that was certified. We completed the certification process already in 2011, and we have been certified according to the then brand new ISO 17100 since 2015, which is a quality certification specific to translation agencies. With our quality certification comes a promise to you as a customer that we guarantee the quality of the translations which we deliver, and should something go wrong, we will rectify it immediately.

What you get when you order a certified translation from the Native Translator

Our translators are professional university-educated translators with Bulgarian as their native language. They are also specialised in the subject area they translate and understand the text and know the terminology. We deliver a certified translation into Bulgarian of the highest quality where linguistic usage and terminology are correct. We also strive to maintain the same layout as the original document to the extent possible.

How you order a certified translation into Bulgarian

Select your source language and target language and upload your document directly in our Opens internal link in current windowtranslation portal. Three quick steps and in under a minute you know what your translation will cost and when we expect to deliver. We accept Word, PDF, TIF and several other formats. If you need more information, please contact us 24 hours a day by Opens window for sending emaile-mail.

What is The Native Translator

The Native Translator is a global ISO 17100 certified translation agency that is specialised in high quality translation. With us you can order a qualified professional translation or a certified translation between the 30 largest languages directly online.