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Technical Translation Services

As businesses expand their global operations, the demand for technical product information increases exponentially.

The Native Translator is part of The Translator Group, one of Europe’s leading technical translation agencies, certified both in Europe and North America. We provide technical translation solutions for some of the world’s largest multinationals across all industries. 

Technical translation that uses the correct terminology

Ensuring that technical specifications and guidelines are accurately translated into multiple languages can be extremely complex and time-consuming, especially without experts on hand to render assistance.

Technical translation services are a specialist field that covers the translation of documents produced by technical writers. It involves the translation of text inherent to the practical application of scientific or technological information. Technical translation services can cover the translation of many types of specialised texts and calls for in-depth knowledge, in addition to command of the relevant terminology and writing conventions. Our technical translators are familiar with such specialist terminology through their qualifications and experience within these fields. We translate everything from product specifications and user manuals to texts that contain more creative content, as well as marketing materials, Power Point presentations and web content.

We translate in the fields of:

  • Aerospace
  • Auto sector
  • Energy
  • IT
  • Machinery
  • Electronics
  • Process technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Office equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Mining
  • Laboratory instruments
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Power tools and automation

We also translate into a variety of other fields. If you require a more detailed list or would like to determine whether we can cater for your industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the email link below.

Technical terminology

The key to sound technical translation is the consistent use of correct terminology. At the outset of a project, the allocated project manager will compile a glossary, which lists not only industry-specific technical terms, but also those unique to your company. Technical translations depend heavily on the consistent use of this terminology, and is not simply about getting the grammar right; translators must give weight to technical terms, abbreviations and nicknames, the language upon which the entire sentiment of a document hinges.

Translation memories

The use of translation memories will not only yield a better translation, but will save money in the long run. Technical translations are very often updated; translation memories will ensure you only need to translate the revisions in the next update.

You can contact us for special prices and offers on translation services directly via Opens window for sending emailemail.

Certified according to EN-15038

The Native Translator is one of the few translation agencies certified in both  Europe and North America.

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