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Medical translation

In the medical world, quality translation isn't a luxury – it's a necessity.

The Native Translator is part of The Translator Group, one of Europe’s leading medical translation agencies, certified both in Europe and North America. We have provided medical translation solutions for some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies as well as CROs since 2005. In addition, we provide translation of journals and other medical materials for individuals. 

Medical translation that uses the correct terminology

Poor translations can be a headache for all parties concerned, but are a severe affliction for anyone who works in the field of medicine. While medicine is universal, the language most certainly is not. Without an innate understanding of medical terms, concepts and terminology, it is impossible to produce a complete translation that captures the exact meaning of the original text.

Thankfully our medical translators aren't just fluent in language – they also understand the industry jargon.

We translate:

  • Patents
  • Clinical protocols
  • Pharmacy packaging labelling
  • Patient information
  • Patient journals
  • Insurance claims
  • Medical records

Accurate medical translation

Successful translation of medical documents calls for a native level of language proficiency, analytical capabilities and a deep-rooted cultural knowledge of the source and target languages. All of our medical translators have completed formal education in the source and target languages they are working with to a minimum of college level (ideally with training in translation theory and practice). They are also experts in the terminology particular to their subject matter, fully understand the source text and make use of highly specialised dictionaries. Professional medical translators also perform terminology research to validate equivalents in the target language, particularly when translating into a dialect with several regional variations and/or to fully grasp a term within its context. We ensure that our medical translators comply rigorously with these demands, ensuring that you receive the most accurate translation possible.

The quality of a source document greatly affects that of the final translation

If there are any confusing or poorly-written passages, the corresponding passage in the target language will be equally confusing unless the linguist seeks clarification or rephrases the passage.

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We translate medical texts 24/7 including French translationGerman translationSpanish translationItalian translation and overnight translation into and from 100 other languages. If you need fast translation – medical or otherwise – contact The Native Translator and we’ll take care of it.

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